Working up a sweat

Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. For us that's a no brainer. We've spoken before about Donagh's love for all things hot yoga but if that's not your thing, we've put together a few different options to help you work up a sweat, for your body and your mind.

HIIT - It might be a fad, it might not be. It stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Either way it's exercise and that's a good thing, right? We particularly love this routine from lululemon.

Pilates - Rumour has it that Joseph Pilates' first studio was close to the New York City Ballet and many of the moves he invented evolved with the attendance of the dancers. Who knows! It sure helps improve balance and core strength though. And... step, step, pas de bourrées.

Cycling - A multi-functioning exercise. You get from A to B, you reduce carbon emmissions and you get your work out in. Cycling for the win.

Hiking / Walking - We're lucky to live in the countryside with hills and mountains in abundance. Step out in a solid pair of walking shoes and just hit the trail. It's good for the soul. The picture above was taken by Donagh a couple of weeks ago when he was out for a walk in Girley Bog with his new pup, Ceile (pronounced kaylee, it's a dance gathering with Irish music).